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To increase confidence through strength, and to conquer the world.

What is Viking Performance Training?

This is what we are… and this is the Viking Mission.

Viking Performance Training, which opened in the summer of 2014, quickly became Morgantown and West Virginia’s elite strength and conditioning center for people looking to reach specific goals of a high-performance nature.  That is Viking Performance Training on the surface.  But what is Viking Performance Training really about? 

VPT is about providing people the bridge to reach the goals that they have set for themselves.  It’s not just for athletes, it’s not just for general fitness, it’s not just for sports teams, it’s not just for rehab.  It’s about: What is your goal?  And are you committed enough to do what you need to do to reach it?  If you have that commitment and you have that clarity of self of wanting to improve yourself, then at that point, we know that we can help you and Viking Performance Training is for you.

Maybe you don’t even have an exact goal, but you want to be around an atmosphere which just helps people create those goals and wanting to become better and achieve more.  Viking Performance Training is also for you.  It’s a place of fantastic training which yields results.  And it’s also a place where the atmosphere itself creates an energy level and a desire in people to want to become better.

There’s no place for negative egos, just positive egos and support.  There are no cliques.  Everybody, every group, is there to work on their own strengths and improve their own weaknesses while supporting everybody else.  That, at one deeper level, is VPT.  That, at one deeper level, is Viking Performance Training.

But it’s actually much more than that.  And honestly, finding words to describe Viking can become pretty difficult because it is such a mixture of objective data and subjective success.

Viking Performance Training focuses on creating optimal results. To make that happen, no one is thrown into the same mold.  Everybody is treated as an individual even when they’re teammates, even if they’re siblings, even if they’re family, even if they’re friends.  It’s individual level, finding the best individual path for everybody to get specifically to their goal. There’s also magic to this process – when individuals become greater but with a sense of shared commitment to the atmosphere of work which shaped them, they become community.  And a strong community is what TEAM is about.

A lot of these paths will be similar.  Some will be quite different.  For athletes, they’re sport-specific.  They’re position-specific.  They’re coaching-style specific.  But then they’re also goal-specific, body-type specific, training history-specific, frequency specific.  Like and disinterest specific.  And most importantly, specific to your best results.  They’re going to make you your next best self.

“For a person to conquer themselves is the first and noblest of all victories.” – Plato

And that is what we’re about.  We’re about helping people become their next best self through training, through strength, through fitness, and through atmosphere and community support.  The coaches are there to help you with your physical training.  The coaches are also there to help push you, to keep you accountable, and to keep you truly on the path to your own goals.  But the coaches are also there to be more than that for you, anytime you need it.

We hear what stresses you out and we make sure that any modifications are made to the program, whether on paper or just in the way that you’re pushed and led toward your own success.  We’re there to help you grow up for the kids.  We’re there to just be somebody else to talk to and listen to and provide a good relationship with for the adults who are there to become their next best self, whether that’s to become stronger, fitter, healthier, to levels that they’ve never been before.

When everybody comes in, they think that they have a goal even if their goal is specifically not having one.  But simply being around an atmosphere like Viking Performance Training and other Viking-trained mentality, clients and members and families really, you start to create – you start to find goals you didn’t even know you had.  Your body creates them, your mind creates them.  It starts to wonder and believe, most importantly, that it can do these things.

It can maybe achieve a higher level than it has ever considered.  And then it starts wanting to do it.  And then that creates a positive type of interaction and interplay between your motivation, your desires, your commitment, and then just sets your body up and your mind up for even more success.

So, the mission of Viking Performance Training is to increase confidence through strength.  And the strength can be physical but it’s also going to be mental, emotional, and really the ability to handle more stress and continue adapting your own life in a positive way.  Through that greater confidence and that greater strength, we want you to be able to conquer your world.  TO INCREASE CONFIDENCE THROUGH STRENGTH, AND TO CONQUER YOUR WORLD.

I’m big on that.  That is going back a long time for me in my own development.  It’s the thought of actually conquering the world.  That’s just the way I saw it.  Am I thinking like Napoleon or Alexander the Great?  No, but at the same time, yes.  I am looking at the biggest goals that I possibly can and want to achieve them.  And I want to accomplish the highest level of possible success. Is if for ego? Not really, though I’m sure many see it that way. I’m ok with that, because it’s not for them.  They can have their mediocrity, I don’t need a share. But I’m only going to be here once.  I’ll only have this day, once.  I’ll only have this collection of days called life – once.  So I’m going to use it to accomplish as much as I can which I care about.

That is the exact same frame of reference which we then apply to everybody else.  We want to feel so strong and so confident that anything that you thought was impossible before is now just something that you haven’t done yet.  But if you want to do it, then you will because you can.  We want our clients at Viking to become so strong that it increases their confidence by so much that they can do anything that they set their mind to, that they will literally outgrow their world up until that point.

And at that point, they begin expanding.  Their world expands, they add more to it. They find new worlds to venture into and conquer.  It is how much can you conquer of your own life and of your own world as you continue being the best version of yourself possible, day in, day out.  Every single day that you come into Viking, and every day under the Viking banner, our goal for you – our expectation of ourselves through you is to make you a better version of yourself than you were the day before.

Every single day, becoming better.  Every single day, growing into a better version.  And from that point on, continuing to grow and becoming the best version that you can be and to conquer each of those worlds.

That’s Viking Performance.  That’s the Viking-trained mission, is increase confidence through strength to conquer your own world.  Through atmosphere, through individual training, through world-class coaching, through being around other like-minded, highly committed people ranging from kids to high-achieving athletes to amateur athletes to people just wanting to get fitter, become stronger, and be a good example for their own kids, and everything in between.

It’s a place where you come in, you enjoy the process of working out, people enjoy pushing past their limits and testing them and reaping the rewards that follow.  And more importantly, not just on the field or on paper but for themselves, their best version of themselves and their tomorrow.  Always remembering that tomorrow through their actions of today.  That’s Viking Performance Training.