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Youth Training

Helping younger trainees become more confident, healthier, stronger, faster, and more athletic.

Many parents come to us with young kids wanting to know about training, and we are very happy to tell them of our growing youth-training base. Beginning on a strength training & fitness journey is a fantastic way to help a child of any age become healthier, stronger, fitter, and MORE CONFIDENT!

At VPT, we offer FOUR options for our youngest trainees:

1. StrongKids, for ages 3-11 (for more on StrongKids, click this link!)

2. Youth Speed, Agility, and Jumps Class for ages 9-12 (for more info click this link!)

3. Personal Training 1-on-1 Private Training packages (while we have NO official age limit with our Personal Training for kids, we have found 8-10 year olds with a willingness to follow instructions to be the sweet spot for an early starter)

4. Guided instructions in an open gym-coaching format with our Semi Private Personal Training packages

By focusing on mastering movements, learning technique without bad habits, encouraging posture, and what the child themself is interested in, we help younger trainees progress through their own individualized programs, with all progression based on their own speed of improvement. Plus as we find more exercises that the kids get excited about, the more we add them in the program so that it continues to be challenging and fun!

It’s very important to add that this is NOT exclusively about kids who play sports – we help all younger trainees become stronger, fitter, and more athletic! For many that also equals helping them become better at their favorite sports, but for more and more kids that also means just trying out strength training, becoming stronger and increasing their confidence, or wanting to flip bigger tires! (Seriously – one of our younger trainees had that as his #1 goal when we asked!).

Check out our Personal Coaching options, StrongKids, Youth Speed and Agility Class, or simply  Contact us and let’s talk about your child and get on the schedule today!

Viking Performance Training

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Gym Hours

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