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Bryce Bohman Triple Extension

Viking Performance Training LLC is about TWO things – Results, and Enjoyment of the process. That’s it, that’s what matters.

The most time-proven, real-world tested, goal-specific Strength & Conditioning possible. Our athletes improve and perform at their best.  Our teams come together and outwork all others.  Our clients embrace the process of crushing their goals and then set higher ones. Kids come in shy, leave confident.  Everyone is supported.

That’s what we’re about – that’s #VikingTrained.

All specific training packages include strength training, speed and agility, flexibility/mobility, and conditioning (decisions based on goals).

Training Packages come with General Membership to VPT included!

Training for Athletes?  Check the in-depth Athletes page here!

1-on-1 Exclusive Personal Training (for rates, click here):

* Only 3 Exclusive Personal Training spots are available at any one time! *

1-on-1 training and attention from the Viking staff. No matter how busy the training room may be, with a 1-on-1 training package clients will receive full attention from a Viking coach at all times.

All programs are designed with our patented individualized fitness goal- and/or sport-specific techniques.

60-90 minute sessions on average (we do not watch the clock; our priority is getting our clients the best workout for each day).

Times are scheduled, and the coach works only with you during your training.

Semi-Private Coaching & Personal Training (for rates, click here):

Receive coaching & training from the Viking Staff in an open gym training style; what does that mean? Imagine a highly functioning, elite college weight room, with multiple strength coaches running the floor and watching… pushing… all the athletes at the same time.

Clients receive their own individualized goal- and sport-specific training program, and are trained alongside other training clients.

60 to 90-minute sessions on average.

Busy Fairmont Senior Hoops 1 9-8-14Team Strength and Conditioning (for rates, click here):

Viking Performance Training has been building a reputation for building the mentally and physically toughest teams in the region, with two key ingredients: top notch coaching + athlete culture and buy in.

Becoming #VikingTrained will make the athletes physically stronger, faster, more explosive, and better conditioned, while BRINGING THEM TOGETHER. The team who works, sweats, and strains together for a common goal is the most unstoppable force on the field of competition. When #VikingTrained, you will be that team.


As I write this section, 8 #VikingTrained teams in a row have reached the State Championship Finals; let us help your team reach the next level.

Training blocks and year-round training is available; CONTACT US HERE or CALL 304-216-7496 to talk!

If you’re on a tight budget common of many area schools and clubs or just too far away to train at VPT, let us know – our team of coaches will certainly find ways to work with you and your team with programming, training, or consulting!

Viking Performance Training is currently working with a broad range of ages with teams: from 5th & 6th grade travel basketball to State Championship high school sports. If you have a group of athletes you want to see reach the next level in their performance and confidence, contact us.  We’ll make it happen.

General Membership (for rates, click Here):

Feel pretty confident about working out without supervision, but want to make sure you use the best equipment around?  Then our General Membership* is for you – full use of the gym and equipment!

Want a workout program but just not looking to be coached?  Combine a general membership with a “Personalized Plan without a Coach” program!

        * Must be 18 years of age or older for a General Membership – due to the nature of strength training and correct movements, those under the age of 18 must use one of the Viking Performance Training training packages (Semi Private, Group, or Private) to make sure they are receiving proper supervision. Personalized Membership:

If you like working out on your own but want a Viking personalized workout plan to guide your way to personal victory over  your goals, get our Untrained Personalized Workout Plan to go with your General Membership* with our Personalized Memberships!

Strength Sports: Are Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting interesting you?  Specific skills in one of these strength sports you want to learn?  How about grip sport or armlifting?  Maybe even MAS Wrestling is your goal?  Click here for more.

Online Training (more info, click here):

Not everyone can live near Viking Performance Training to come train with us (although you should think about it – one of our members moved over 2,000 miles to come live close to the gym, and it paid off as they became our first Pro StrongMan!)…

So to solve this crisis of distance, Viking Performance Training offers online training!  The SAME individualized, sport- and goal-specific training Viking is famous for specifically engineered to your training situation wherever that may be.

Not only the training program, but investing in your training through a Viking online program also opens up communication with your Viking coach and includes technical analysis by sending training videos to your coach so they can make any training adjustments for you.  The only thing better would be just moving to the gym 😉