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Strength Sports

Strongman/Strongwoman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, MAS Wrestling, Grip Sport, & Armlifting.

Viking Performance Training has become one of the true great Destination Gyms of the world – online clients range across the coasts, members drive 100 miles to train, and some athletes from not only different states but also continents, have traveled to VPT for a few days’ training. This has been prevalent in no population moreso than Strength Athletes!


Viking Performance Training has become a strongman mecca across the country, even the world. 

Some athletes drive hundreds of miles to get training days in with our world-class coaching staff and for the top-notch variety of equipment, containing more strongman equipment found across the competitive level than anywhere else within several states.

  • 2019 World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis
  • Squat World Record Holder Ray Williams
  • Strongest Man in the World Champ Phil Pfister
  • Strongest Women in the World Brooke Sousa, Leifia Ingalls
  • Strongman legend Odd Haugen
  • Professional Strongman Rob Oberst
  • Professional Strongman Bobby Thompson
  • Block Press World Record holder Steve Schmidt (a record set AT Viking Performance!)

…these are just SOME of the world-class strongmen and strongwomen who have graced the VPT training hall.

Not just for top level competitors, “strongman is for everyone”, as our good friend Kalle Beck of “Starting Strongman” says!  So come by and check it out – the world’s ORIGINAL “functional” training!

* Interested in competitions?  Viking competitions have become well-known around the world, with everyone from novices being attracted to our FUN, high quality contests, to competitors from the other side of the globe!  Check out our Events Page!


Squat Max.  Bench Press Max.  Deadlift Max.  Technique must be sharp enough to be approved by a judges’ majority.

Powerlifting is brute force and highly technical, but it’s not just for bigger humans or top lifters; Powerlifting is primarily about the quest for consistent improvement, setting new PRs (Personal Records) each and every time you step on the platform!  

With high-quality training equipment up to the competitive standards of USA Powerlifting, you’ll be at home as a seasoned competitor, or someone who wants to start changing their life and confidence through strength.

As an added bonus, coaches have trained Nationals and Arnold USA Powerlifting competitors, and multiple Viking Performance coaches are USA Powerlifting certified judges available to help you with the competition experience!


Viking Performance Training has some of the premier experienced and certified coaching for Weightlifting- for fitness, for sport, or for competition!

The goal of Weightlifting training programs is to consistently work on perfecting the snatch, clean, and jerk to emphasize power production and mobility.  Every workout will begin with mobility work to improve functional posture and flexibility, particularly the hips, ankles, and shoulders.  Workouts will then progress to technical work, and finish with strength and power work.

Coaches are certified through some of the best weightlifting coaches in the country, and use of world-class barbells and bumper plates allow you to focus more on form and power. Basic programming will be used. For more in-depth, detailed weightlifting training see the training packages above.

For anyone interested in Weightlifting, whether as a competitive sport, for personal enjoyment, to improve weightlifting for Crossfit, or for training athletes interested in improving their form to be able to focus more on power! Once you can put your focus on power, you will set new personal records!


MAS Wrestling

An ancient Viking sport brought to the United States just a few years ago in 2013 by Norwegian Strength legend Odd Haugen, MAS Wrestling is the official national sport of Yakutia – the northernmost province of Russia, also considered the coldest settlement on planet Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get more badass than that.  Essentially ‘seated tug of war with a stick’, competitors sit and face each other, feet against a competition board and then take their grip on a long, round stick.  At the judge’s command, competitors may move almost anywhere on the board and anyhow, trying to either 1) Take the Stick from the opponent’s hands, 2) Bring the opponent over the board, or 3) Knock the opponent off balance. Best out of 3 wins, and the tournament continues… or you just contine your workout!

The intensity and athleticism of MAS Wrestling truly cannot be understood until you’ve either seen it live, or of course – experienced it yourself!  Grip strength is your first line of defense, but it’s also back strength, legs, hips, arms… flexibility… stamina… core… the agility to move sideways while being pulled and pulling yoursef… and more mental toughness than you can imagine!

One popular description: “It’s like the angriest deadlift I’ve ever done in my life.”

Viking Performance Training is the only competitive and coaching ground for MAS Wrestling in West Virginia, and is home to two competitors from Team USA.  Great for competitions, great for team-building, and great for a solid workout.

Come give it a shot.

Viking Performance Training

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