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Maidens of Might 2023

March 18, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Viking Performance Training Presents, The Maidens of Might Strongwoman challenge! Back again for another year, one of Viking’s longest standing (and most popular competitions) is open for registration and ready to roll! This is an all women’s competition, designed to pick out the toughest of the tough, the roughest of the rough and the baddest women of them all! Every year, women from all over the country make their pilgrimage to Morgantown, West Virginia to fight for the crown. Who will be crowned the Queen in 2023? It is up to you to decide!

To Register for Maidens, CLICK HERE! —> Iron Podium “Maidens of Might 2023” Registration!

Promoter- Sean Mullican

Contact Info

Facebook Messenger

Cell: 301-800-1125

Email: mullicansean@gmail.com

Date/Time- Saturday, March 18, 2023, 12:00pm

Location- Viking Performance Training, 141 Greenbag Rd, Morgantown, WV 26501

Weigh-ins/Check-ins-    Saturday 8:00am-10:00am

Rules/Safety Briefing- 11:00 am. This meeting is mandatory.

Awards- Custom trophies for 1st , custom medals for 2nd & 3rd


Strongman Corporation Membership is required. ($77 membership)

If there is 1 athlete in a class, they will get combined with another class or just get a regionals bid (we will leave that up to the promoter).

If there are 2-5 athletes in a class:
1st place – Qualifies for Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2023)

2nd – Qualifies for Regionals (2023)

3rd – Qualifies for Regionals (2023)

If there are 6+ athletes in a class:

1st – qualifies for Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2023)

2nd – qualifies for Nationals (2023) and Regionals (2023)

3rd – qualifies for Regionals (2023)

4th – qualifies for Regionals (2023)


To Register for Maidens, CLICK HERE! —> Iron Podium “Maidens of Might 2023” Registration!



Max Mouser Block Over Bar

  • Three attempts to make the biggest lift possible!
  • 30 seconds to get the Block over a 44in bar. Block may start vertical or horizontal. Athlete starts with hands off.
  • Each athlete may lift or pass on any given weight. Once you miss a weight, you are “out” and will be credited with your highest successful attempt. The athlete is responsible for maintaining his/her position in the rotation; failure to do so may result in disqualification from the event.
  • In the event of a tie, the athlete that took fewer attempts to reach the weight will be credited with the higher placing. If that doesn’t work, we go to higher opener. If that doesn’t work, we got to higher second attempt. If that doesn’t work… well then you just tie and split points!
  • Elbow sleeves & knee sleeves (buckling mechanisms and straps must not be tightened), a single belt, and wrist wraps are legal. Belt buckle to back/side
  • If the Block has been loaded over the bar and time expires as the Block is falling, the lift will still count.
  • Blocks will increase in 10 or 20 pound increments (see chart). Classes using the Mini-Block will switch to the big block once they have maxed out the capacity of the Mini.
  • Equipment not allowed: grip shirts, anything sticky, no more than one soft belt and one hard belt
  • Tape on the forearms is allowed as long as the sticky side is down. Can also use chalk, liquid chalk, and forearm sleeves if you so choose


Log Ladder

  • 60 second time limit
  • You will start on the lightest 8″ log, upon successful completion of that, you will move on to the second 10″ log, once you complete that log, you will move on to the final log, which will be a natural wooden log (about 12″ in diameter). The final log is for reps, most reps wins.
  • From ground to overhead. Every rep must have elbows locked out, feet in a “square” stance, and wait for the judge’s down command! You may use any technique (except placing the log on your head… seriously) to press the log, such as a split jerk, but if you do feet must come back together to a square stance during lockout before the down command.
  • The log must fully touch the floor/tire it’s on after every rep!
  • Edit: There WILL be split times taken on this event
  • Equipment not allowed: grip shirts, anything sticky, elbow sleeves with buckles or straps


Farmer’s Carry Viking Ship Forward Drag!

  • 60 second time limit to cover the course
  • Two forms of moving weight at the SAME TIME. Athlete will begin between farmer’s implements with a harness around their shoulders attached to our Viking Ship. On the command athlete picks up the farmer’s and starts carrying, dragging the Ship/sled behind! Course will be 40ft long.
  • Weather permitting, this will be done outside on a slight incline in the parking lot. If it is raining or snowing we may move the event inside to turf, in which case the Viking ship weights will change.
  • Unlimited drops
  • Everyone will use the same harness.
  • Fastest time wins.


Grip Medley 

  • 45 second time limit
  • Competitors will have 45 seconds to complete a Rolling Thunder deadlift, a 2 inch Country Crush deadlift, and a Rogue Saxon bar deadlift. Implements do not have to be lifted in that order. Competitors who finish all 3 deadlifts will move on to a max axle deadlift to determine the winner.
  • The max axle deadlift will not be limited to 3 attempts and will be in a last maiden standing format. Max Axle will start at 53lbs for every class and make 10lb jumps. You do not have to attempt every weight. Your name will be called, you can either attempt to do that weight or skip it for another higher weight.
  • Split times will be taken for those who do not finish all 3 deadlifts in order to prevent ties. If you finish all 3, time does not matter, and final placings will be determined by the max double overhand deadlift.
  • For the grip implements: Hands must be kept on the rolling portion of the apparatus for the lift to count. If any of your hand or fingers is placed on the non-rolling part (unintentional or not) during the lift, it will not count. You may not brace the implements against any part of your body during the lift to prevent it from spinning or to help it up with your legs. Lifts will be counted as good once knees and hips are locked out, and the shoulder are mostly back. Due to the nature of the grip event, you do not have to have both shoulders completely back like a normal deadlift, but we do ask that you do not hunch over, or we will not count the lift. Saxon bar deadlifts will be double overhand only, no straps.
  • For the deadlifts: All double overhand only, no straps, chalk and liquid chalk are allowed. No hitching the bar at the knees, some ramping is okay (this is strongman, after all, not powerlifting) and will be up to the judges discretion. As long as you do not stop, squat down and rest the bar on your knees in order to catch your grip before finishing the pull, you are okay. No sumo pulling is allowed.


Max Distance Husafell Carry

  • 60 second time limit
  • Husafell will start on the ground behind a line. On the judges go you will pick up the husafell and carry it 50′ across another line. Once you cross the line you will drop the husafell, turn, and repick it to carry it back. You will continue this pattern of 50′ down and back the course over your 60 seconds, furthest distance wins.
  • No drops allowed on the 50′ course. If you drop the husafell at any point other than behind the line when making turns, you are done.
  • No throwing the husafell to get extra distance.
  • There will be a judge following the course to tell you when to drop the husafell.
  • Equipment not allowed: grip shirts, anything sticky, no more than one soft belt and one hard belt
  • Tape on the forearms is allowed as long as the sticky side is down. Can also use chalk, liquid chalk, and forearm sleeves if you so choose

To Register for Maidens, CLICK HERE! —> Iron Podium “Maidens of Might 2023” Registration!


Viking Performance Training
141 Green Bag Road
Morgantown, WV 26501
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Mar 18, 2023

Start Time
12:00 PM

Meet Director
Sean Mullican


March 18, 2023
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Sean Mullican