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Minutemen Muscle Challenge 2016

July 23, 2016 @ 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Strongman returns to the Lewis County Fair! Last year the blazing heat didn’t stop our mighty competitors from setting huge records in the Max Deadlift and Giant DB Press events. They pulled trucks, dragged giant chains, and even squatted with a machine full of kids and beauty queens. What sort of madness will ensue in 2016??? See below

Details and entry at www.mouserpower.com!


The Events Are (subject to change and no particular order):

Truck Pull

  • 60sec time limit to cover the 75ft course. Harness and hand rope style.
  • Everyone will use the same harness. Please do not pester me about using your own harness. I won’t budge. In 7 years, probably 12 contests, and countless training sessions with 110 pound ladies all the way up to 400+lb men, no one has ever “come out” of the harness in mid-pull. The only way to accomplish that would be to literally stop pulling and move backward to create slack while letting your arms hang down to the side and slumping your shoulders. If you do that, you didn’t want to win anyway.
  • Fastest time wins. Weight will be added to pick up and roll back as needed.
  • You may assign your own “rope handler” if you wish, if not, one will be provided for you

Max Deadlift

  • 30sec to make a good lift. Must wait for down command.
  • Last man standing – once you miss a lift, you are out. You may attempt or pass any weight.
  • If you wish to pass, you must still approach the platform and declare your intent. If you do not adhere to this rule you will be considered to have failed at the weight you are choosing to pass on and will thus be “out” of the event
  • To receive a down command, the lifter must stand erect with the knees and hips extended, the shoulders back, and the feet not moving. Conventional pulling only, no sumo stance.
  • You must control the bar back to the ground or your lift will be overturned. Allow me to say this another way: IF YOU DROP THE BAR, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR YOUR LIFT AND NO AMOUNT OF CRYING WILL CHANGE THAT. Bribery however, may be an option. I have a lot of student loans people.
  • In the event of a tie, the person that took less total attempts will receive the higher placing points. If a tie cannot be broken this way, points will be split as usual.

Double Dumbbell Press

  • 60sec, most reps wins.
  • Dumbbells begin on the ground. Competitor must clean and press them overhead each rep.
  • Athlete must wait for a down signal after pressing. Down signal will be given once both DBs are overhead; elbows locked; DBs steady; feet shoulder width or less, not moving, and even; knees straight; torso upright; and hips extended.
  • Athlete must return DBs to shoulders before controlling them to the ground. A blatant drop from overhead may result in immediate disqualification from the event and zero points. I’ll give a warning only if I’m feeling generous that day… don’t count on it.
  • Athlete may take DBs to shoulder simultaneously or one at a time. Athlete may press DBs simultaneously or one at a time. In order to get a down signal though BOTH dumbbells must eventually be locked out overhead at the same time regardless of whether they were pressed separately or together.

Mouser Squat Machine for Reps

  • 60sec to do as many reps as possible. Most reps wins.
  • The legs of the machine must contact the ground on each repetition. The referee will call out the number of reps as the lifter completes them. If a rep does not count, the referee will inform the lifter via a “no lift” signal and will attempt to explain why (example: no lift, didn’t touch ground).
  • The lifter must stand erect with the knees and hips extended.
  • Bar position may not be below rear delts. The heels of the feet may not be wider than shoulder width.
  • DO NOT DROP THE APPARATUS. The machine is solid steel, but we load this thing with kids and pageant girls. If you choose to drop the bar rather than call for the blocks to rack it properly, you will be given zero points for the event and possibly disqualified from the entire contest. Also, I will give your name and address to the parents of the kids and beauty queens that were on the machine at the time of the foul. Kidding aside, just please don’t be stupid and drop this thing. If you can’t lift it, either follow it down until the legs of the machine touch ground, or call for the blocks.
  • Adjustments will be made for height so that everyone is squatting to roughly


Revolving Handle Farmers Walk

  • 60 seconds, unlimited drops. Furthest distance wins.
  • No hook grip
  • Athlete must grip the handles in roughly the center. If the hand or arm touches any non-revolving part of the implement during a carry there will be a 20ft penalty applied to their final distance and they will be asked to set them down and re-grip appropriately.
  • No tacky, stickum, etc. Chalk and liquid chalk only.

Barrel Race Open (for crowd participation)

  • During a short intermission, everyone will get their chance to be a strongman/strongwoman! We will have three 100 pound barrels on hand for curious spectators to try out. Grab your buddies and see who is faster carrying a 100lb barrel full of sloshing water. No cost to try, 1st come 1st serve, & must sign waiver.

*** Kids will have their own events like dragging tires with a rope, carrying jugs of water or sand, etc. ***

Equipment allowed: wrist wraps (using them to cover the forearm is OK too), one belt, elbow sleeves with no fastening mechanisms, same for knee sleeves, and straps are legal for the deadlift (I know, I know, that’s not like me but I’m trying to be progressive even if it kills me a little inside lol).

I’m a jerk and I don’t like tacky, knee wraps, and super suits. These will not be allowed on any event that we happen to do here. Send your angry letters to the email listed above. Please keep death threats to a minimum.

General Rules/Usual Mouser Stuff

  • In the event of a tie in the final standings, 1st place finishes will decide the winner. If there is still a tie, then 2nd place finishes will be the determinant, and so on. If a tie cannot be broken this way, athletes will compete in a tie breaker.
  • Sportsmanship is expected and required. This is the greatest sport in the world, let’s keep it that way.
  • There will be a pre-event prayer. No one is expected to participate, so please do not feel obligated. All we ask is to be respectful of those that do or do not wish to participate.
  • This is a drug free contest. If you are juiced feel free to come cheer on your buddies but please do not bother to sign up.
  • If you have a question, please ask! I would rather take a minute to clarify something than to see someone have a poor showing due to a misunderstanding.
  Truck Pull Max Deadlift (starting weight/increments) Double DB Press (light/heavy) Mouser Squat Revolving Farmers
Teen Females


Pickup 185/20 30/50 Empty, 200lbs 115 locked handles
LWW Pickup 205/20 40/60 ~225


128 locked handles
MWW Pickup 245/20 50/70 ~250


HWW Pickup 265/20 60/80 ~275


Teen Males


Pickup 285/~30 60/80 ~275 128
150 Pickup 315/~30 65/90 ~300


175 Pickup 375/ ~30 75/100 ~325


200 Rollback 435/~30 85/110 ~365


231 Rollback 465/~30 90/120 ~405


HW Rollback & Pickup 495/~30


100/130 ~450 192

*Novice and Masters classes use weights on the chart one section “above” their Open equivalent


www.mouserpower.com to sign up!


July 23, 2016
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Mouser Strength Dynamics
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Lewis County Fair Grounds