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Summer Raid Weekend 2022

July 9, 2022 - July 10, 2022


USA Powerlifting…… MAS Wrestling… the Viking Highlander … OR…


*** EARLY BIRD Special for the Highlander ends January 1st!***


USA Powerlifting Viking Summer Raid, (Sanction #WV-2022-02): Saturday, July 9thth @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The Viking Highlander (Strongman Corp membership required): Sunday, July 10th @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

“He who lives without discipline, dies without honor.” – Icelandic proverb

The first Viking Summer Raid was born just a few weeks after Viking Performance Training opened its doors, and the strongman challenge was engaged.

In the second year a second day was added- Day 1 became a Powerlifting contest, unsanctioned as a test of raw strength against the iron in squat, bench press, and deadlift.  Day 2 the Strongman contest returned, a Strongman Corp Level I testing strength in its raw form.

Now for Year 9, we continue the evolution of this now legendary competition:

Day 1’s powerlifting meet is sanctioned (WV-2022-02) by the largest drug-tested federation in the country, USA Powerlifting!

Day 2 will once again become The Viking Highlander. With Highland Games and Highlander style events fading away in Appalachia as the old guard struggles to keep them alive, we have decided to pick up the torch and carry it to new heights with a Norse twist. So be ready to don your kilt, fly the banner of your clan, and hurl things skyward in honor of the ancient Celts!

Compete in one contest or the other- strive for all-time bests in weight moved, PRs in reps, contest placings among your class, or try the ancient throwing events for the 1st time.

Compete in both contests, two grueling days of maximal effort in barely more than 24 hours’ time… and you challenge yourself, testing resolve, grit, and prove to yourself that you have what it takes not just to finish, but to conquer, and LEAD, the Raids!



Eligibility: Any male or female 13 yrs or older. Kids’ events may be available pending demand

Promoter- Jay Handley

Date/Time- Powerlifting is July 9th, begins at 10:00am.  Highlander is July 10th, begins at 12:00pm.

Location- Viking Performance Training, 141 Greenbag Rd., Morgantown WV 26501

For powerlifting, USA Powerlifting membership is required and available at www.usapowerlifting.com

For the Viking Highlander, Strongman Corp membership is required and can be found or renewed at http://www.strongmancorporation.com or purchased on site from WV State Chairman Paul Mouser (cash or check only!).

Contact Info– Jerry Handley, vikingperformancetraining@gmail.com.com

ELIGIBILITY: Any male or female age 14 years or older. USA Powerlifting membership is required and available at www.usapowerlifting.com. Proof of membership will be required before weighing in. Everyone must also have filled out the USA Powerlifting Express Assumption of Risk, Release of Claims and Liability and Indemnity Agreement ONLINE.

USA Powerlifting Gear Check (if needed), Rack Heights, Memberships, Waivers: ***7:30am Saturday morning***

USA Powerlifting Weigh-ins: 8:00 – 9:30am Saturday morning. Two-day competitors only need to do this weigh-in!

USA Powerlifting Rules/Safety Briefing: Saturday 9:00am. This meeting is mandatory.

Highlander Weigh-ins: Sunday 8:00-9:00 am, 10:00-11:00am.

Highlander Rules/Safety Briefing: Sunday 11:00am. Mandatory.

Powerlifting Awards:  Prize for winner in each class/division, Best Lifter (one male, one female).

Viking Highlander Awards:  Viking themed awards for all Open Class Winners, MAS Tournament awards. Nationals invitations are up for grabs per Strongman Corp Level I contest rules.

*** For the Brave Souls competing in both days, they compete for the 2-day Grand Champion Awards!! ***

GRAND CHAMPION AWARD: The top performing competitors of those competing both days will receive the Grand Champion Award!  Grand Champions are decided through a specialized Wilkes formula designed to account for Highlander performances in addition to powerlifting.

USA Powerlifting Day 1 Only Entry- $97! (WV-2022-02)

Strongman Highlander Day 2 Only Entry – Normal price $97, Early Bird $87!

BOTH DAYS – Normal price $157!

Due to a limited number of spots, there will be no refunds available within one month of the competition.

Spectator Policy – $10 for all spectators (yes, including coaches), 12 & under are free. Spectator pass counts for both days!

Highlander Divisions- Open, Masters, Novice, Teen, StrongMom, Adaptive Classes if demand exists

Highlander (Strongman Corporation) Weight Classes-

Women’s  0-125, 126-140,  141-160, 161-180, 181+

Men’s  0-175, 176-200, 201-231,  232-265, 266+

*** Strongman Corporation classes are being revamped in the 2022 competitive year! No more Lightweight/Middleweight/Heavyweight, just weight classes! Also no more consolidations! ***



Highlander Events (subject to change):

Max Block Press, Weight Over Bar, Fingal Finger, Natural Stone Carry for Max Distance, Stones of the North (Stone point contest), Mas Wrestling

Weight Class and Division Max Block Press Weight Over Bar Fingal Finger Natural Stone Carry Stones of the North
125/140 Novice

125/140 Teen

125/140 Masters



80/10lb jumps

28lbs Shortest finger setting and empty (112″ long) 84lbs 95
125/140 Open

160/180/181+ Novice

160/180/181+ Teen

160/180/181+ Masters



   80/10lb jumps

28lbs Second shortest finger setting and empty (124″) 130lbs 115
160/180 Open

181+ Open



80/10lb jumps

28lbs Second longest finger setting and empty (158″) 150lbs 135
175 Novice

175 Teen

175 Masters



120/20lb jumps

42lbs Second longest finger setting and empty (158″) 150lbs 150
175 Open

200/231 Novice

200/231 Teen

200/231 Masters


            Max!   120/20lb jumps 42lbs Longest finger setting and empty (178″) 183lbs 200
265/266+ Novice

265/266+ Teen

265/266+ Masters



120/20lb jumps

42lbs Longest finger setting and 45lb slug added to lower portion (178″) 220lbs 220
200/231 Open



   120/20lb jumps

42lbs Longest finger setting and 45lb slug added to upper portion (178″) 240lbs 240
265/266+ Open



120/20lb jumps

56lbs Longest finger setting and 100lb slug added to lower portion (178″) 240lbs 285


Max Mouser Block Press

  • 60sec to produce a successful lift. You may push, pull, kick, scream, and dance all you want in that 60sec to produce a good lift. If that 60sec expires and you have not produced a good lift, you are out.
  • We will take openers during warmups. 3 attempts allowed to reach a top weight. You miss, you’re out.
  • Athlete must wait for down command.
  • To receive down command, knees must be locked; feet stationary, not staggered, and within shoulder width; hips extended; upright posture; elbows locked; implement must be motionless to demonstrate control. Pressing with a “layback” technique is fine, however posture must be upright at lockout to receive the down command.
  • Dropping the implement will result in a “no lift” call. Object must be controlled to the ground. This is not easy with a big rectangular block, but clear effort must be made to control the descent.
  • Sleeves, one belt, and wrist wraps are legal. No tacky (if that wasn’t obvious).


Fingal Finger

  • Athletes will start with hands off the finger, on the go, the athletes will have 60 seconds to produce as many successful “reps” as possible
  • Athletes will pick up the finger, “clean” it to their chest, and walk their hands under until it is completely flipped over to the other side, at which point the athlete will run over and try to flip it back
  • The finger will start on crash pads/tires, once it is lifted from the tires, a staff member will pull said pad out of the way so that it is not in the way of walking, when the finger is flipped it will land on a pad on the other side
  • The pad will be replaced behind you once you pass it if there is the need to drop the finger
  • Allowed: Belt, sleeves, wrist wraps, gloves, chalk
  • Not allowed: anything sticky


Weight Over Bar for Height

  • Athletes will throw a traditional Highland Games weight with one hand over a bar that rises higher each round. Highest throw wins.
  • Athletes have 30 seconds to produce a successful lift, if they miss they may grab the implement and try again, as long as they have time left.
  • If unsuccessful at any given height, the athlete is at that point eliminated.
  • Three heights may be selected. After a successful attempt, athlete must tell the score keeper what their next attempted height will be.
  • Increments will go up one foot per round
  • Standing throw only; no spinning


Natural Stone Carry for Max Distance

  • Ah yes… nothing like a Strongman event predates even the Highlanders, back to prehistoric times! See Rock. Pick Rock up. Grunt and Carry Far. Drop Rock.
  • Competitors will have 60 seconds to carry a Natural Stone as far as possible, back and forth between a 25-30′ course (this event will ideally be outdoors, so we will find the best path on the ground).
  • Start line will be 3′ after the Stone. Competitors must pick up the stone from the ground and carry it past the Start line in order to score. Once the start line has been crossed, if you drop the stone you’re done. If you drop the stone before the Start line, you may pick it up again.
  • Equipment allowed – chalk, belt… that’s about it. Oh, and kilts. Kilts are always allowed.


Stones of the North

  • When Bill Kazmaier went to Scotland to lift the Inver Stone, the original challenge was simply to hoist to chest height. Kaz, not satisfied with this, took it up to his massive shoulders, and then pressed it overhead. The Stones of the North honor this feat.
  • Athlete with have 60sec to load, shoulder, or press an Atlas Stone as many times as possible.
  • Loading is worth 1 point. Shouldering the stone is worth 5 points. Pressing the stone is worth 20 points! Most points wins.
  • No tacky. No spray tack. No tacky towels. Do it like our ancestors did for thousands of years.


Mas Wrestling

  • The original Viking sport!  Best described in its simplest form as Seated Tug of War with a stick, a MAS Wrestling tournament will be held among the weight classes.  This will a MAS Wrestling tournament! All matches are 2 out of 3, and tournament style will be double-elimination or round robin, depending on the number of competitors.  For a full description of the rules, including links to sample videos, click here http://maswrestlingusa.com/mas-wrestling/abridged-mas-wrestling-usa-rules



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July 9, 2022
July 10, 2022


Jerry Handley
(304) 216-7496
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Viking Performance Training
141 Greenbag Road
Morgantown, 26501 United States
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(304) 216-7496
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