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Viking Summer Raid 2017

August 19, 2017 @ 8:00 am - August 20, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

***All Registration is now CLOSED***


The next evolution of this now fabled contest has arrived:

Day 1 will feature powerlifting like years past, but this year will be officially sanctioned by USA Powerlifting! The largest and most prestigious federation in the country will now take center stage on Day 1 of the Raid!

Day 2 will debut the Viking Highlander! With the old guard struggling to keep the games alive in Appalachia, we have decided to pick up the torch and offer WV’s first Highlander event (a mixture of the ancient throwing events and rustic strength challenges). Events include:


Weight Over Bar

Log Shoulder and Carry

Standing (Braemar) Stone Put

Husafell Stone Carry

Mas Wrestling (which will feature its own separate tournament also for Mas-only athletes)

and… a brand new twist on our Stones of the North event which pays homage to the legendary Inver Stone in Scotland!


For the Viking Highlander, Strongman Corp membership is required and can be found or renewed at http://www.strongmancorporation.com or purchased on site from WV State Chairman Paul Mouser (cash or check only!).


Highlander competitors are covered for MAS Wrestling with Strongman Corp (NAS) membership; MAS Wrestling only competitors must be members of MAS Wrestling USA, a membership which may be found at http://maswrestlingusa.com/membership-form.


Online Entry: see below!

Contact Info– Jay Handley: email jhandley@vikingperformancetraining.com, phone (304) 216-7496, and Paul Mouser: kozbeesemail@yahoo.com, (304) 614-5291


Powerlifting: 8am Saturday morning

Highlander/Mas: 8am Sunday (if doing BOTH days, only need to weigh-in Sat)

Rules/Safety Briefing- Powerlifting: Saturday 9:30am. This meeting is mandatory.  Strongman/MAS: Sunday 11:00am.  Mandatory.

Powerlifting Awards:  Prize for winner in each class/division, Best Lifter (one male, one female).

Viking Highlander Awards:  Viking themed awards for all Open Class Winners. Nationals invitations are up for grabs per Strongman Corp Level I contest rules.

MAS Awards: MAS trophies for winner in each class.

“Will there be special awards for competitors competing in BOTH days of the Summer Raid?”  Oh… of course.  The Gods desire bravery and strength above all else…

GRAND CHAMPION AWARD: The top performing competitors of those competing both days will receive the Grand Champion Award!  Grand Champions are decided through a specialized Wilkes formula designed to account for Highlander performances in addition to powerlifting.



The Viking Highlander


Highlander/MAS Divisions- Open, Masters, Novice, Teen, StrongMom. Disabled(Seated), Disabled(Standing)

Weight Classes-

Women: LWW 0-120, 121-140,  MWW 141-160, 161-180, HWW 181-200, 201+

Men: LW 0-150, 151-175, MW 176-200, 201-231, HW 232-265, 266-300, 301+


Events (subject to change): Weight Over Bar, Log Carry, Stone Put, Husafell Carry, Mas Wrestling, Stones of the North

***Novice and Masters move “up” one level from Open weight class equivalent*** 



WOB Log Carry Stone Put Husafell Stones
Teen, Masters, Novice LWW 28 80 ~10 100/155 95
LWW 28 100 ~10 100/155 115
MWW 28 120 ~10 155/170 135
HWW 28 140 ~10 170/240 150
Teen, Masters, Novice LW men 42 140 ~16 170/240 175
LW 42 165 ~16 240/290 200
MW 42 185 ~16 290/Lion Heart Stone 250
HW 56 215 ~16 290/Lion Heart Stone 285


Adaptive Class Event Chart




WOB Braemar Ship Pull Stones Mas

Seated Men


14 TBD 40ft TBD. *harnessed*

Standing Men


42 TBD 40ft 115 1 arm

200 both arms

*ring handle*
Seated Women 14


TBD 40ft TBD *harnessed*
Standing Women 28


TBD 40ft TBA 1 arm

135 both arms

*ring handle*


Weight Over Bar

  • Athletes will throw a traditional Highland Games weight with one hand over a bar that rises higher each round. Highest throw wins.
  • Athletes will have 2 tries to get the weight over any given height. If unsuccessful, the athlete is at that point eliminated. Athlete may also be asked to exit the field if the referee feels he/she is stalling.
  • Standing throw only; spinning techniques are not allowed

Log Carry

  • Athletes will have 60sec to shoulder and carry a log down an 80ft course with a turn in the middle.
  • Fastest time wins. If you drop the log your turn is finished, and you will be credited with distance.

Stone Put

  • Athletes will have 3 turns to throw a stone as far as possible. Furthest throw wins.
  • This is a Braemar style stone put. Athletes may not utilize an approach; this is a standing, stationary stone put. Movement of the feet after the throw is allowed, though the feet may not cross the trig.
  • 30sec per attempt.

Husafell Carry

  • Stones will start on the ground like the traditional Husafell Stone challenge in Iceland
  • Athlete will have 90sec to pick up and carry 2 different stones down an 80ft course with a turn in the middle.
  • Athletes must finish the lighter stone before moving on the heavier stone. These will be a mix of man-made stones and natural stones in order to please our ancestors.

Stones of the North

  • When Bill Kazmaier went to Scotland to lift the Inver Stone, the original challenge was simply to hoist the massive rock to chest height. Kaz, not satisfied with this, took it up to his massive shoulders, and then pressed it overhead. The Stones of the North honor this feat.
  • Athlete with have 60sec to load, shoulder, or press an Atlas Stone as many times as possible.
  • Loading over bar is worth 1 point. Shouldering the stone is worth 5 points. Pressing the stone is worth 20 points! Most points wins.
  • Tacky is legal. Thank Jerry for this, as he saved you from the wrath of my tacky hatred.

Mas Wrestling

  • The original Viking sport! Best described in its simplest form as Seated Tug of War with a stick, a MAS Wrestling tournament will be held among the weight classes.  This will be part of a separate MAS Wrestling tournament, increasing the possible number of matches!  All matches are 2 out of 3, and tournament style will be double-elimination or round robin, depending on the number of competitors.  For a full description of the rules, including links to sample videos, click here http://maswrestlingusa.com/mas-wrestling/abridged-mas-wrestling-usa-rules

Viking Ship Pull ***Adaptive Classes Only***

  • 60 sec to pull our Viking Ship 40ft up a hill with a thick rope.
  • Weights TBD
  • Distance will be credited if the course is not finished. Fastest time wins.


***Some sections below may not apply to you… FILL THEM OUT ANYWAY***

Viking Summer Raid 2017

Two days of might, muscle, and mayhem

  • Full mailing address please include CITY, STATE, and ZIP CODE
  • Unisex or Ladies
  • If not yet a member OR if you're doing the Powerlifting portion, that's OK! Just write "N/A" and make sure you get your membership before the meet at : www.usapowerlifting.com
  • Choose your division for Day 2 of the Summer Raid ***for "powerlifting only" just choose Open and move on***
  • Just pick "Raw" if you are not doing the Powerlifting portion
  • Women choose their PL class here. Men choose below. Kilos/pounds
  • Highlander and Mas classes
  • Men select their PL class here. Kg/lbs
  • Highlander and Mas classes
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • For those competing during Day 1's powerlifting ***If you are doing Day 2 only, just choose "full power" and move on***
  • Select Highlander, Powerlifting, Mas, or all them! ***First ten so sign up for BOTH days is only $100!!!*** ***Early bird pricing ends 4/30*** ***Late fee kicks in 8/4*** ***REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED***
  • $0.00


August 19, 2017 @ 8:00 am
August 20, 2017 @ 5:00 pm


Paul Mouser and Jerry Handley
304 614 5291
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Viking Performance Training
141 Greenbag Road
Morgantown, 26501 United States
+ Google Map
(304) 216-7496
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