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WV USA Powerlifting & Strongman State Championship Weekend

April 23, 2022 - April 24, 2022

Viking Performance Training is proud to introduce the


An ENTIRE weekend devoted to West Virginia State Championships!

Saturday (sanction pending) will be the State Championship for USA Powerlifting, Sunday the State Championship for Strongman Corporation! 


USA Powerlifting WV State Championship, (Sanction #WV-2022-01): Saturday, April 23rd @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Strongman Corporation WV State Championship (Strongman Corp membership required): Sunday, April 24th @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

“He who lives without discipline, dies without honor.” – Icelandic proverb

Day 1’s powerlifting will be sanctioned by the largest drug-tested federation in the country, USA Powerlifting!

Out-of-state lifters may still compete in the Open Division! All USA Powerlifting West Virginia lifters will automatically be entered into both the ‘WV’ division to determine state champions, as well as the ‘normal’ division for the entire contest to still be able to compete against out-of-state lifters!

Day 2 will be the first Strongman Corporation WV State Championships at Viking Performance Training, so you know what that means… this show will be HEAVY!!

Compete in one contest or the other- strive for all-time bests in weight moved, PRs in reps, contest placings among your class, of of course… STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Compete in both contests, two grueling days of maximal effort in barely more than 24 hours’ time… and you MAY BECOME A LEGEND!!!



Eligibility: Any male or female 13 yrs or older. Kids’ events may be available pending demand

Promoter- Sean Mullican/Jay Handley

Date/Time- Powerlifting is April 23rd, begins at 10:00am.  Strongman is April 24thth, begins at 12:00pm.

Location- Viking Performance Training, 141 Greenbag Rd., Morgantown WV 26501

For powerlifting, USA Powerlifting membership is required and available at www.usapowerlifting.com

ELIGIBILITY: Any male or female age 14 years or older. USA Powerlifting membership is required and available at www.usapowerlifting.com. Proof of membership will be required before weighing in. Everyone must also have filled out the USA Powerlifting Express Assumption of Risk, Release of Claims and Liability and Indemnity Agreement ONLINE.

For the Strongman State Championship, Strongman Corp membership is required and can be found or renewed at http://www.strongmancorporation.com.

Contact Info– Sean Mullican: email mullicansean@gmail.com phone: 301-800-1125

USA Powerlifting Gear Check, Rack Heights, Memberships, Waivers: ***7:30am Saturday morning***

USA Powerlifting Weigh-ins: 8:00 – 9:30am Saturday morning. Two-day competitors only need to do this weigh-in!

USA Powerlifting Rules/Safety Briefing: Saturday 9:00am. This meeting is mandatory.

WV Strongman Weigh-ins: Sunday 8:00-10:00 am.

Strongman Rules/Safety Briefing: Sunday 11:00am. Mandatory.

Powerlifting Awards:  Prize for winner in each class/division, Best Lifter (one male, one female).

Strongman Awards:  Viking themed awards for all Open Class Winners, MAS Tournament awards.

*** For the Brave Souls competing in both days, they compete for the 2-day Grand Champion Awards!! ***

GRAND CHAMPION AWARD: The top performing competitors of those competing both days will receive the Grand Champion Award!  Grand Champions are decided through a specialized Wilkes formula designed to account for Strongman performances in addition to powerlifting.

USA Powerlifting Day 1 Only Entry- Still taking late entries, $127!

Strongman Day 2 Only Entry – Late entries only, $157!

BOTH DAYS – Late entry price $207!

Open Registration closes Sunday, April 17th at midnight – late entries still accepted.

Spectator Policy – $10 for all spectators (yes, including coaches), 12 & under are free. Spectator pass counts for both days!

Strongman Divisions- Open, Masters, Novice, Teen, Adaptive Classes if demand exists

Strongman (Strongman Corporation) Weight Classes-

Women’s  0-125, 126-140,  141-160, 161-180, 181+

Men’s  0-175, 176-200, 201-231,  232-265, 266+

*** Strongman Corporation classes are being revamped in the 2022 competitive year! No more Lightweight/Middleweight/Heavyweight, just weight classes! Also no more consolidations! ***



Strongman Events (subject to change): 

Weight Class and Division

Last Man Standing MAX Log

MAX Farmer’s Carry

Wagon Wheel DL for REPS

Throwing Medley

Stone Load Medley


125/140 Novice

125/140 Teen

125/140 Masters








28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 8 feet

80, 91, 110, 115
125/140 Open

160/180/181+ Novice

160/180/181+ Teen

160/180/181+ Masters








28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 8 feet 91, 110, 115, 135

160/180 Open

181+ Open












28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 9 feet


135, 150, 175, 183



175 Novice

175 Teen

175 Masters








28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 10 feet 135, 150, 175, 183
175 Open

200/231 Novice

200/231 Teen

200/231 Masters






28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 11 feet 150, 175, 183, 200

265/266+ Novice

265/266+ Teen

265/266+ Masters








28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 12 feet 175, 183, 200, 220
200/231 Open  








28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 14 feet 220, 240, 254, 286

265/266+ Open








28lb WOB, 30lb sandbag, 35lb keg, and 40lb keg over 15 feet


254, 286, 295, 319


Last man standing max log clean and press

Log will start on tires/crash pads. The implement will be lifted from said elevated surface and pressed overhead. Push pressing, push jerking, split jerking and heck even strict pressing and viper pressing are allowed if you so choose. No pressing to your head and then locking out from there, we don’t want anyone getting hurt no matter how cool you may think it looks.

The log will start at the starting weight listed, competitors will form a line behind the log and will be called to the platform in the order assigned and will either “take” or “pass” the lift. If you choose to take the lift you will step to the platform, once you step to the platform your timer begins and does not stop until you complete the lift or time runs out. If you are not ready DO NOT STEP ON THE PLATFORM. If you choose to pass you will return to the back of the line in the same order. Upon successful completion of the lift, you will return to the back of the line to get ready for the next attempt. Unlimited attempts, unlimited skips.

Athletes will have 30 seconds to complete a successful rep. If you attempt to press and miss you have until the 30 seconds is up to continue to try to complete the rep. Once you miss you are out.

Lift is complete and successful upon elbows being locked out, feet square, back straight and head forward at which time you will receive a “DOWN!” call. If you split jerk or stumble you must regain control and be standing still with your feet square. If you press with a “lay back”, you will not receive a down call until your back is straight, and you look forward to the judge. If you have any issues with locking out your elbows completely, please let the judge of that BEFORE the event starts. No dropping of the log from overhead, the athlete must at least attempt to lower the log safely to the tires/pads. If the log is dropped/slammed from overhead, it will be considered a no lift and a zero on that event, we don’t care how excited you are that you just hit a massive PR. Celebrate once the log is on the ground. If you blackout or start to begin to come dizzy that is another story.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be who had the higher first attempt, if the first attempts were the same it will be who had the highest second attempt, etc. If all attempts were the same, then it will simply be a tie.

All women, and the men’s 175 novice/teen/masters will use a 10” log, all other will use a 12” log

Allowed: Elbow sleeves, chalk/liquid chalk, belts (one soft under belt and one hard belt allowed, no more, belts with metal buckles/levers must be turned to the side or all the way around to prevent scratching of the implement), knee sleeves, and wrist wraps.

Not allowed: Knee wraps, elbow wraps, belt stacking (see above), grip shirts, tacky, tacky towel, spray tacky, or anything else even remotely sticky.


Max Farmers Carry

Farmers implements will start behind the starting line. Handles will then be picked up and carried 30 feet across the finish line. Front of the implement must cross the line to be counted. Athletes will have 30 seconds to cross the finish line, NO DROPS ALLOWED. Time will be started upon the sweet angelic sound of Paul Mouser saying, “athlete ready, LIFT.” At that point your time starts, so I suggest you grab ‘em and get going. If the farmers handles are dropped before the finish line the athlete is out of the event. No sliding the implement across the line, no throwing the implement over the line and as always, no slamming of the handles to the ground!

Athletes will have three attempts, skips are allowed. Once you miss you are out.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be who completed the run the fastest (yes, these will be timed).

Allowed: Elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, belts, and chalk/liquid chalk.

Not allowed: Still nothing sticky, knee wraps, “power pants” or deadlift suits of any kind, no straps, grip aides or devices of any kind other than chalk.

Wagon Wheel Deadlift for reps

Athletes will start behind a line, the timekeeper will announce the start and at that point the competitor will make their way to the platform, strap in if they so choose and begin to lift. There will not be a lift command for the first rep, but every succeeding rep will be started with a lift command, this is to prevent bouncing the weights. Upon completion of the rep the competitor will receive a down command. A lift is considered successful once knees are locked out and hips are completely straight. Hitching/ramping is allowed. Athletes must pull with a “conventional” stance with hands outside legs, “sumo” stance deadlifting is not allowed (where the hands are inside the legs). No dropping or slamming of the bar from the top of the rep, the bar must be lowered to the ground. If the bar is dropped or slammed, you will receive a “zero” for that event.

Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. If you miss a rep, you are not done, you may continue to attempt the lift until the 60 seconds is up.

All women and men’s 175 Teens/novice/masters will use a stiff bar and 13” titan wagon wheels. All others will use a stiff bar with larger antique wagon wheels while standing on a platform so that the pulling height is 13″

Allowed: Straps, belts, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk, baby powder (as long as you don’t make a MF mess!)

Not allowed: Knee wraps, power pants or deadlift suits of any kind, grip “hooks”, and, you guessed it, nothing sticky!

Sandbag toss over bar medley

Athletes will start with their hand on the upright of the weight over bar implement. Athletes will receive a start command at which time they will make their way to the sandbags and throw all of them over as fast as they can. Bags must be tossed in increasing weight order (lightest to heaviest). Bags must be tossed in a manner such that the competitors are facing away from the bar, athletes are not allowed to face the bar.

There will be 60 seconds to complete all the bags, fastest time wins. Time is stopped when the last bag hits the ground behind the bar. Bags must go over the bar, if a bag gets stuck on the bar (yes this has happened) it is a good lift, even if it rolls back over to the competitor’s side of the bar. Split times will be taken for each bag to prevent ties from occurring.

Allowed: Knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, belts.

Not allowed: Knee wraps, power pants or suits of any kind and any sort of platform shoes, high heels, or elevated platform shoe greater than the normal height of a standard work boot (sorry short folks!) olympic lifting shoes are OK

Stone Loading medley

Athletes will start with their hands on the platform, upon the start command athletes will attempt to load the four atlas stones as fast as they can. Athletes will have 75 seconds to complete all four stones and time will be stopped once the last stone is on the platform and hands are taken off the stone. Each stone must be motionless on the platform before you move on to the next one (don’t load it and throw it off the other side of the platform or let it roll off on to you, this is for your safety and ours). Hands must remain off the platform once the “loading” portion of the lift has begun, you cannot use the platform to pull yourself closer, again, this is for your safety! There will be split times taken for each stone to prevent ties. We will check your arms for sticky stuff prior to starting the event.

Allowed: Belts with levers/buckles turned sideways, knee sleeves, leather forearm guards/tape to cover forearms with sticky side DOWN and chalk/liquid chalk

Not allowed: Knee wraps, power pants or suits of any kind, grip shirts.. I think there’s one more thing… oh yeah STICKY STUFF OF ANY KIND, LEAVE IT AT HOME PEOPLE.

General Rules:

  • We will try our best to eliminate any ties, with that being said, ties still may occur. If this does happen there will be a tie breaker event (TBD).
  • Sportsmanship is expected and required. Don’t be a jerk- this sport is the best on earth and we would like to keep it that way!
  • This contest is drug free- don’t be surprised if I show up with a bag full of tests the day of the comp- if you are on the sauce, feel free to show up and cheer on your pals, but do not compete yourself.
  • If you have a question please ask myself, Sean Mullican, at any point in time. Especially DURING the contest- we want you to perform to the best of your abilities. We do not want to see you have a poor showing because you misunderstood the rules!
  • Registrations are non-refundable due to a limited number of spots
  • Can’t wait to see you all come April- Come READY, come HUNGRY- Prepare for WAR!




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April 23, 2022
April 24, 2022


Jerry Handley
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