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In These Concerning Times…

It doesn’t need to be said that we should all strive to make the safety and health of our community’s children our #1 priority, now and always. We also—if at all possible—need to feed their dreams. The recent canceling of all statewide and regional sports events, along with the schools themselves, have left student athletes without a means to play the sports that they love, or even train to improve for when the crisis passes. 

We would like to offer an alternative that will keep these young athletes engaged, focused, and making progress. The coaches at Viking Performance Training offer sport-specific at home training programs for grade school, middle school, and high school athletes. These programs are custom-created by our coaching team based on your athlete’s sport.

We create champions at every level; from middle school and high school state championship teams to individual record holders, All State selections, and WV Player of the Year selections in many different sports.

More importantly, we work hard to help our athletes build CONFIDENCE through STRENGTH. The goals they crush in our training sessions teach mental resilience as well as physical strength, speed, and stamina. We push them to be better, and to WANT to be better. 

If your athlete is unable to play or properly train for their sport, click the link for your preferred sport and get started with a customized at-home training program!

Don’t let your child lose their motivation, their fitness, and their love for their sport.

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Customized Online Training Programs

Though we take every measure to keep our facilities spotless, we understand that some athletes will prefer to stay away from all public areas for the time being…

To solve this issue, Viking Performance Training offers online training!  The SAME individualized, goal-specific training Viking is famous for specifically engineered to your training situation wherever that may be.

Our coaches know what it’s like to help others reach their goals and become the next best version of themselves – let us help you to do the same. Our workout programs are about YOU!

Depending on the #VikingTrained program you choose, INVESTING in YOURSELF opens up communication with your Viking coaches, includes technical instruction on exercises so you’re doing them safely and appropriately, and may includes technical analysis by sending training videos to your coach so they can make any training adjustments for you.

The only thing better would be just moving to the gym!

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