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Health & Fitness

Looking for a coaching program to help you improve your health & fitness levels?

How about  a coaching program meeting those requirements, which is also in an atmosphere more positive than any you could have ever imagined in a gym?

If the answer to those questions is “YES!!”, then we welcome you to Viking Performance Training.

With Viking Performance Training coaches, all clients will be guided through individualized, goal- specific training programs designed to get you where you want to go – your best possible shape!

Whether it’s weight loss, gaining strength, making an old injury better again, improving your blood work, or more – our specialty is to help.

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Private 1-on-1 Coaching:

1-on-1 training and coaching from the Viking staff. No matter how busy the training room may be, with a 1-on-1 training package clients will receive full attention from a Viking coach at all times. 

All programs are designed with our patented individualized goal-achieving techniques.

60-minute sessions on average (we do not watch the clock; our priority is getting our clients the best workout for each day).

Semi-Private Training:

Receive coaching from the Viking Staff in an open gym coaching style; what does that mean? Imagine a highly functioning training room, with multiple coaches working on the floor and coachign all clients at the same time, back and forth – but each with their OWN workout, and on their OWN schedule!

With Semi-Private Training clients receive their own individualized goal-reaching program, and are coached alongside any other Semi-Private clients who may also be training at the same time.during open gym hours (general membership included in training package).

60-minute sessions on average.

Small Group training is also available!  Interested in training with some friends or coworkers?  Contact Us to find the best program for you!