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Private Training

Do you want to do everything within your power to get the top results from training?  Then Private training is for you – 1 on 1 attention from the top coaches in Morgantown watching and helping every move you make to help you become your best!

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And don’t forget the Viking Family Discount – All family members after the first receive 50% off!

1-on-1 training and coaching from the Viking staff. No matter how busy the training room may be, with a 1-on-1 training package clients will receive full attention from a Viking coach at all times.

All programs are designed with our patented individualized fitness goal- and/or sport-specific techniques.

90-minute sessions on average (we do not watch the clock; our priority is getting our clients the best workout for each day).

Private Training (times are scheduled between coach and clients)

[table caption=”Private Training (1 on 1)” width=”500″ colwidth=”150|85|75|90|90″ colalign=”center|center|center|center|center”] Days Per Week,Per Session,Per Week,Monthly (4wk) Package,12-wk Discounted Package
1 Day per Week, $110.00, $110.00,$440.00,$1200.00

2 Days per Week,$78.125,$156.25,$625.00,$1650.00
3 Days per Week,$60.00,$180.00,$720.00,$1950.00
4 Days per Week,$47.50,$190.00,$760.00,$2160.00
5 Days per Week,$40.00,$200.00,$800.00,$2250.00

Contact us involving Private Training rates for small groups!

*60-90 minute sessions, 4-week minimum (paid beginning of each 4-week cycle)