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What can #VikingTrained do for you?

Make you the best you can be – for athletics, for life.
Being #VikingTrained means one thing above all else – you will be trained and coached to be the best version of yourself. Trained for your goals, trained for your sport, trained for your life. That means whether you’re looking at training for your middle-school 3-sport athlete, a high school athlete looking to increase their chances of a scholarship to college, or a parent in your 40’s looking to take back control of your health, fitness, and confidence – then a #VikingTrained program will be designed exclusively for you.

Increase your vertical jump.
Viking Flight School – Future #VikingTrained athletes routinely come to us wanting to increase their jumping power – basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, gymnastics, and more all want more height in their jumps. With our specific approach to finding the weakest links in an athlete’s jump, improving jumping technique, and training for explosiveness off the ground – #VikingTrained athletes, parents, and coaches routinely send us pictures of our athletes jumping head and shoulders above their competition.

Make you stronger in every way that matters for you.

Strength is the foundation of all performance. Getting stronger in the correct muscles and movements allows everything else to get BETTER, and makes YOU the dominating force in your life.

Decrease injuries.

Better performance, decreased risk of injury, and faster return to performance. All are #VikingTrained traits.

Help your team reach #Championship Levels.

We take price in the nearly immediate effect and improvement we see our teams and athletes achieve on the field. Several of our teams have skyrocketed straight to championship games after becoming #VikingTrained, without having been to those games in years. It’s an edge we know we can help anyone create.

Take out stress and gain confidence.

Viking Performance Training is known as one of the most positive environments our clients ever experience (just check out our reviews on social media!). The positive and supporting atmosphere combined with the effectiveness of the training, and total body activity, are perfect for becoming less stressed while gaining confidence, no matter who you are.

Help you lose weight, feel the strongest you’ve ever been, and enjoy the hell out of working out again.

Oh yea 🙂

If you’re motivated, it’s not what CAN #VikingTrained do – it’s What WILL #VikingTrained do for you? 

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