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#4. Set SMART Goals (like a Viking)

Vikings are known as a culture of not only for ruthlessness but also for achievements; for expanding culture, for expanding ideas, and for doing things that, at the time, were considered awe-inspiring if not impossible.  They were the first people to ever sail...

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#3. The Power of Viking Individualization

"everybody should have their own unique customizations in their plan to make their individual plan as specific and well-tailored as possible." At Viking Performance Training, one of the cornerstones of our philosophy is the individualization of our training process. ...

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#2. Viking Mentality

The Viking Mentality “He who lives without discipline dies without honor.” – Icelandic Proverb Viking Performance Training and being a Viking are about two distinctly different yet related attributes.  One is the physical.  That toughness, that grind; the...

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#1. What is Viking Performance Training?

#1 To increase confidence through strength, and to conquer the world. What is Viking Performance Training? This is what we are… and this is the Viking Mission. Viking Performance Training, which opened in the summer of 2014, quickly became Morgantown and West...

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